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Digital Premier League Table 2018

Welcome to the first Digital Premier League Table by Foss Digital which is a piece of content I’ve wanted to do for a number of years now, but never truly found the time to sit down and actually get it over the line.  The basic premise is that I have taken the 20 Premier League teams who [read more…] – Who are Wolves new shirt sponsors?

> As usual, I was browsing Twitter for latest news across Digital, Sport and everything else that I use Twitter for when this tweet caught my eye. Introducing… our @adidasUK 2018/19 @premierleague home kit.#OldGoldNewChallenge 💛🖤👇 — Wolves (@Wolves) June 21, 2018 I follow the PremierLeague Twitter account (always dreaming as a Middlesbrough fan) rather [read more…]

Don’t Snapchat and drive

With the increased use of Snapchat across the world and even more so in the UK over the last couple of years, it is something that marketers are looking to take leverage for their clients.  I have been taking particular attention to it, as I can see the benefit of it, when used with a mix [read more…]