As Search Engines such as Google have evolved, Paid Search has become something that businesses not only rely on as part of their digital marketing strategy but find that by investing in as part of a blended strategy, allows them to accurately forecast a return on investment for their overall spend.

Paid Search, or PPC as it is more commonly known is a channel of digital marketing that allows you to serve adverts for your content, product or service in many different ways and strategies.

Standard PPC allows for you to serve adverts based on a number of different parameters, but do allow you to be more targeted in the way you which you are able to speak to your potential customers.

Other PPC options include Remarketing, whereby you can use tracking pixels to engage with audiences who have previously come into contact with your business.

With Search Engines changing all of the time, we are seeing vertical specific extensions that create opportunity to interact and push your products.  A good example would be if you are an e-commerce business and Google Shopping is set up for you to deliver powerful adverts for your products that are visually appealing to customers, but also serve a purpose and create potential conversions.

Foss Digital are part of the Google Partners programme and are qualified across all relevant exams required to deliver campaigns to businesses.

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Be sure that you pick a trusted supplier that knows what they are talking about and not people who maybe don’t fully understand the terminology of a product they are selling or promoting (see below).