Website Audits

Having a website that is structured for both a user and search engines is a vital component of any marketing strategy.  It is all well and good having a site that looks nice and functions in terms of the major deliverables that it is meant to serve, but sometimes taking a look under the hood of the website will uncover fundamental issues that could further improve performance.

A website audit can take a number of different forms depending on the level of detail required including:

  • SEO Audit that looks at the structure of the website and how that reflects in the organic visibility within search engines.
  • Content Audit that is used to understand any content gaps that could lead to not only increased visibility but also improve user experience on the website and aid conversions.
  • UX Audit can help improve the experience that current users have on a website and ultimately by optimising your current user base by couple of percent, then you can signifcantly improve the monetary value of them prior to investing in driving increased volume of traffic to a website.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how a website audit could assist your business, then please contact Foss Digital today for a bespoke quote.