So I was sat watching the Champions League, with Liverpool providing Man City with an absolute thumping in the 1st leg of the 1/4 final and was scrolling through Facebook when I came across this post that caught my attention.

I checked quickly and it was indeed the same post that I wrote about in this blog post back in 2015 and it just so happened it was indeed the same post (notice the date stamp on the original post showing as 2015.

What I find interesting is the value that a sponsor/brand could get from the fact that Rory McIlroy being back in the news in the lead up to the Masters Golf Tournament that starts on Thursday.

When I benchmarked the post back in 2015 the post was on stats as follows:

Likes         Comments         Shares
80,300        26,482                358,408

Now they are at

Likes         Comments         Shares
111,000      39,067                548,053


So Bose as a brand have benefited from the ‘share’ culture on Facebook by increased exposure 3 years on from the original campaign that was giving away 5 sets of headphones.


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