Digital Marketing Training Workshop for Dentists

Does our popular Digital Marketing Training Workshop for Dentists sound like something that could benefit your Dental Practice? Due to significant demand, we have expanded our Marketing Training Workshop series and specifically tailored it towards the Dental Industry.

This training workshop is perfect for a new dental practice looking to grow their client base or an established practice that wants to build on their existing digital marketing strategy and further expand their business.

The training will provide an introduction to search marketing that will cover SEO, PPC and Social Media breaking down the benefits of looking at the different channels and how they work together to provide your dental practice with increased online visibility.

Social Media provides a way of interacting with existing and potential clients, reminding them of the importance of dental hygiene, we’ll help you understand how to utilise the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other social media platforms to assist your dental practice.

As Search Marketing relies heavily on the location and personalisation of a user, we’ll explore how Local SEO for your Dental Practice can ensure you have an online presence when the search is made by the user.

Dan who will be running the course has over 15 years experience across a number of industries developing digital marketing strategies for some of the largest brands in the UK and rest of the World.

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