As usual, I was browsing Twitter for latest news across Digital, Sport and everything else that I use Twitter for when this tweet caught my eye.

I follow the PremierLeague Twitter account (always dreaming as a Middlesbrough fan) rather than the Wolves Twitter account, so caught it in my feed as a retweet.  The sponsor’s name caught my attention, as it probably should and I wondered who they were (deep down assuming that W88 was an online gambling company – well there are 8’s in the name right?).  I opened a new window and proceeded to do a Google search for the term W88, and I was presented with the following set of results…..

So the obvious observations straightaway, seeing as Wolves have announced their new kit and actually announced their new sponsor just over a week ago, being that the brand doesnt hold #1 for its own name in the UK, being outranked by a new article on the Wolves website and they are also having brand PPC ads served against their name by an affiliate who I’m not sure has their brand on that website anyway (stay tuned later as to why this is the case).

Anyway, I was intrigued to look a little bit further into Who Are W88.com and what makes them different to a lot of the other sports gambling companies that operate in the UK (I have a vested interest in my affiliate website –> Spreadsheet Betting).

So I navigate to click on the 3rd listing and this is what happens……


Forbidden due to IP location……

It seems that currently W88.com don’t serve the UK market and therefore you can either LiveChat or email them.  This opens the question of exactly what is a foreign casino/sports betting company sponsoring a UK Premier League team for.  The obvious answer is that the Premier League is a global market and they will be looking to capitalise on Wolves return to the Premier League and increased awareness, but the whole user experience from a UK perspective doesnt seem to have been thought through very well, especially when and I quote….

Hilly Ehrlich, Business Development Manager of W88, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to partner Wolves, a respected football club with a rich sporting heritage that has helped to shape modern football today.

“This partnership is a major step for us in expanding our global footprint and we look forward to working with the club to engage the fans and supporters of Wolves, both in the UK and worldwide.”

W88 offers an impressive array of products from sports betting to live dealer casino, poker and slots, and as such their brand will not be on any products designed for Wolves supporters under the age of 18.


If W88Club.com were considering capitalising on the UK market then maybe they may want to consider the following purchase and set up a fan-site to ‘engage’ with the fans digitally.

Alternatively, they could look to optimise the website w88.co.uk which seems to currently be a holding page and isn’t currently indexed within Google.




Search queries for W88 definitely influenced in the UK market by the announcement, so is this a missed/missing opportunity?

If Wolves or W88.com are looking for some Digital Marketing Consultancy, then feel free to Contact Us Today.


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